buyfinder.moe searches for in-stock anime figures on multiple online shops at once and sorts the results by price for you to compare.

You can also set watches to be notified by email in case new listings are found when other users search for the same figure.

While you can technically use this site for items other than figures, be aware that the results may not be accurate as it has been optimized for figures first.


The prices displayed are purely indicative as they are taken directly from the shops and may or may not include additional costs, fees and/or taxes.

To cover the costs of operating this website, be aware that some results include affiliate links. They however do not influence the order the listings are sorted by.

This website is still in development and things might not always work as expected. There might be inaccuracies in the results or random bugs when using the website.

If you happen to find such a problem somewhere, do not hesitate to contact the admin via email at [email protected] or by sending a message to buyfinder on MyFigureCollection .

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